Our aim is to:

  • Inspire, empower, share information, and build a network in providing ongoing support pertaining to the wellbeing and lifestyle of parents & carers with children or adults on the Autistic Spectrum.

  • Provide information and support for siblings and peers.

  • Provide information and support for grandparents and mature carers.

  • Support girls/young women on the Spectrum who are under-represented and disadvantaged.

  • Pre-natal, autistic mothers, and post-natal support workshop.

  • Provide support for fathers and single fathers to share similar experiences together with male workers.

  • Raise awareness within the Black African, Black Caribbean, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities to break down cultural barriers and prejudices.

  • Provide a support service within the school setting. We outreach the hard-to-reach parents/carers who may be in denial and/or lacking understanding of the condition.

  • Increase awareness within our local community for more personal involvement, understanding, and more cultural, educational, and social activities, to create a better community and a better place for those living with Autism and other related hidden conditions.

  • Get businesses involved by bringing awareness, acceptance, and Autism training within their organisations.

  • Provide information, resources, and tailor-made packages for Faith Groups and Establishments.

  • Work in partnership with individuals and organisations that deal with Youth Services within the Criminal Justice System.


Providing support, advice, and information to the entire family

Autistic people

Where to find the relevant support for actually autistic people

Girls/Young women

Hosting online and face to face support with autistic speakers and specialists

Autistic Mothers

Useful information, especially for autistic mothers and teen mums

Fathers/single fathers & Male Carers

Support groups of fathers and male carers

Grandparents/Mature Carers

Useful information, especially for grandparents caring for autistic children.

Black community

Signposting services in regard to mental health, Stop & Search, domestic abuse, and social media

Education/ Training

Signposting services in regard to mental health, Stop & Search, domestic abuse, and social media


Autism workshops for professionals working with autistic people and their families

Local Community Services

Supporting and targeting the autistic community.
NHS, Clinical, Commissioning Group, Healthwatch, Social Prescribing


Working in collaboration with our partners.

Criminal Justice System

Be aware of the red flags that can affect the well-being of your autistic child.

If you are looking to make a difference, please contact us.


Speaking engagement

Online and offline

Speaking on autism from a culture perspective

Black girls/teens girls


How to work with black and brown

Consultancy in Autism

One to one support, parents and child and group sessions

Work in collaboration with autistic specialists to provide culturally appropriate resources

Event producer

Host community fayres, conferences (online and offline), and workshops for autism (pop up clinics, sensory arts & crafts, and sensory play)


I have known Venessa for over a decade. Her sterling and dedicated work have come into its own as the years have gone by. She is a trailblazer in educating, sharing, and empowering the masses valuable information on the cultural, racial representation within autism spanning all contexts. She is a passionate and dedicated woman with a strong moral and ethical ethos, she is personable, kind, forward-thinking, and direct, and this filters into her work. I highly recommend Venessa and A2ndvoice as the place to go for education on the broader and much-needed cultural aspects of autism.

Paul Isaacs , Autistic speaker, trainer, author, and consultant

Through the APPGA Advisory Group, I’ve also had the chance to work with the amazing @BobbVenessa, who is a brilliant ally and champion of autistic people and does a fantastic job chairing the @lambethNAS branch and running @a2ndvoice.

Helen Ellis , Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Co-ordinator - National Autistic Society and member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism Group Advisory Group

Aji Lewis (#SeniLaw) highly recommended @bobbvenessa with regards to The Restrictive Interventions and Safeguard Children (RRISC) group work, and I really hope we get to meet her.

Elle Chapple founder of CanDoELLA

It’s always a pleasure to be part of the team with A2nd Voice – their events are stimulating, fun, and always well-attended! – Suzy Rowland, Author, Autism & ADHD Specialist, PCBT

Suzy Rowland, founder of Happy In School Project - Author | ADHD AUTISM Specialist & COACH