A2ndvoice will continue running virtual events throughout the year in collaboration with local and national organisations.

Upcoming Webinars

  • Focusing on sensory stories – Monday 13th December 2021, 7 – 9pm

  • Sexual Health Webinars – commencing 2022

  • Girls and Women – commencing 2022

  • Ageing Population – commencing 2022

  • Mental Health – January 2022

  • Autism and Disability: Restraints Reduction – April 2022

  • Inappropriate Inpatient Admissions – March 2022

  • Monthly Coffee Morning – Last Wednesday of Every Month

  • USA and UK Monthly Late night meetups – Last Friday of every Month with Jackie Pilgrim

Past Webinars

Webinars, looking at the cultural perspective in supporting Black African, Black Caribbean, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Communities and Dual Heritage Community.

NHS England: Inappropriate Inpatient Admission: Prevention and Avoidance The first-ever pilot in the UK focusing on the cultural perspective due to COVID19 and the disproportionate death rates.

A collection of webinars co-produced and co-delivered by parents lived experiences by Venessa Bobb – A2ndvoice CIC and Hannah Otoo – SEN Parenting to increase awareness, acceptance, and understanding of working with the African, Caribbean, Asian, and Minority Ethnic community for the impact of autism, learning disabilities, and both.
Lack of representation, resources, cultural differences, and language barriers causes a divide in providing a proper care package for inpatients.

It is astonishing that we are unable to find statistical data across the UK of people with Autism and other related conditions in the African, Caribbean, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Communities.

There are major concerns that African, Caribbean, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities are not fully aware of the services within their local community when we mentioned services such as Social Prescribing, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, and HealthWatch.

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